Golden Conspiracy
Golden Conspiracy
Golden Conspiracy is the on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller that every lover of adventure novels hopes to find. Author Robert James Glider’s cast of characters, some easy to love, others murderously wicked, all of them guaranteed to keep you reading late into the night, drive this story forward at mach speed. From treasure hunter Jacsen Kidd’s first inkling that a conspiracy exists in a navigator’s diary dating back five hundred years, to the discovery of a Spanish gold cross and an ancient petroglyph, the author weaves a tale of deception, mystery, and murder. Joined by his partner Pericles Schmoond, Jac sets out to look for the one clue that will lead them to the gold lost when a ship went down in 1503. With documents in hand and that cargo of gold bullion beckoning them like Lorelei into the ocean’s depths, our heroes quickly find themselves hunted by an evil French antiquities collector and a former KGB operative. The adventure takes them from the Hawaiian island of Molokai to the Caribbean, from the Brazilian island of Fernando de Norhona to the edge of death. With life and fortune at stake, and a good smattering of passion thrown in, this novel never lets up until its unexpected and impressive finale.
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