The International Food Festival at Disney World

It’s always exciting to go to Disney World.  And, even more so when the Food festival is in full swing.  We ate our way through several countries, experiencing the cuisine of Poland-kielbasa and pierogis, Japan-sushi and tempura, Argentina-steak and steak and steak.  And, then we went on several rides that only Disney could create; Soaring-where you board what is akin to a balloon, and fly over California attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, an aircraft carrier, Yosemite with the falls and El Capitan, the beaches where surfers can almost touch your feet as you fly over, down the American River where you can smell the pine trees, over the rugged coast where you can smell the brine, and through orange groves where you sniff the blossoms.  If you ever go to Disney, don’t miss this experience.  We Soared three times!  Then we were off  to Magic Kingdom, where my nine year old sat on my shoulders in the evening to watch the Electric parade.  We wanted to stay for the fireworks, but wouldn’t you know it, it poured, and we didn’t have rain gear.  Yes, we were drenched by the time we weaved our way out of the park and boarded a bus back to our hotel at Old Key West Resort.  A great time came to an end with the two and a half hour ride home, but since there was no school on Monday, we were able to relax before facing a shortened week.

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