Answer to inquiry about settings in Golden Conspiracy

I had an inquiry from a reader in a book club that I recently did a Skype broadcast with.  It was a lot of fun answering questions about the book and how I came up with the characters.  Did I actually visit the settings?  What are Jac and Peri’s favorite foods?  Then some craft questions about how did I create these characters, and breathe life into their soul?  I won’t go into the answers now, but would like to answer the question submitted about setting in the novel on Molokai and in the Halawa Valley.

I actually visiited Molokai, and the Halawa Valley.  I ventured in through the jungle under the escarpment and through a 900 year old village layed out in lava rock with sacrificial altars honed out of stone.  I swam in the pool, first floating a ti leaf to make sure the great mo’o lizard wouldn’t be interested in lunching on man flesh, and braved the swift current from the falls to a sheer wall with handholds that were gouged into the rock.  I climbed to a ledge where warriors 9 centuries ago tested their manhood by jumping into the falls.  I didn’t jump, not that I wasn’t a man, and not because I was unsure of my manhood, but because I knew that under the water were several spires that were unseen, and if hit would kill me.  This is the place of legend, and I had  to get permission to enter this breathtaking setting.   If any of my readers wish to visit Molokai, and want some advise on where to stay, and a tour into the Halawa drop me a note at, and I will be happy to help.

I hope you are all enjoying the adventure.  My next novel, Golden Legacy, will be published early next year, but there is an un-edited excerpt available if you want a peek now.

Oh, and  to the two reviewers last week who posted reviews on Amason and gave Golden Conspiracy 5 stars….THANK YOU!

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