Life in the fast lane

I apologize for being unavailable to answer your comments.  I will get to them very soon.  We have a family emergency that had necessitated our flying to Massachussets.  Our dear mother-in-law was in critical condition, but has responded to therapy.  She is 88 years young, and contracted double pneumonia, and the flu.  Thank God, not the H1N1 strain.  She is being moved to a rehab facility.  We sold her house and was moving here to live with us in Flordia when all this happened.  We are leaving again for Massachussets for the closing, and hopefully, to transport my in-laws to Florida where they can enjoy their remaining years in a warm loving environment.  If she is unable to come here now, we will have to get her after the first of the year.  Meanwhile, in my spare time, do I really have any, I am putting the finishing touchess on my next novel, Golden Legacy. 

Thanks for your continuing support.

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