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I apologize for being unavailable to answer your comments.  I will get to them very soon.  We have a family emergency that had necessitated our flying to Massachussets.  Our dear mother-in-law was in critical condition, but has responded to therapy.  She is 88 years young, and contracted double pneumonia, and the flu.  Thank God, not the H1N1 strain.  She is being moved to a rehab facility.  We sold her house and was moving here to live with us in Flordia when all this happened.  We are leaving again for Massachussets for the closing, and hopefully, to transport my in-laws to Florida where they can enjoy their remaining years in a warm loving environment.  If she is unable to come here now, we will have to get her after the first of the year.  Meanwhile, in my spare time, do I really have any, I am putting the finishing touchess on my next novel, Golden Legacy. 

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5.0 out of 5 stars Golden Conspiracy is Solid Gold Reading Fun!, November 21, 2009
By  Douglas R. Cobb (Fort Smith, AR USA) – See all my reviews

Golden Conspiracy:
A Jacsen Kidd Mystery
By: Robert James Glider
ISBN: 978-1-4392-4894-2

The business of Jacsen Kidd, the eleventh-generation ancestor of the infamous pirate, Captain Kidd, is hunting treasure – and, business is good. With the financial backing of his culinary friend, the master gourmet and chef Pericles Schmoond, Kidd tracks down the clues that lead them to a hoard of Spanish conquistador booty that could be worth over a billion (thatfs with a “b”) dollars – nice work, if you can get it. In Robert James Gliderfs action-packed debut mystery novel, Golden Conspiracy, Kidd and Schmoond are pursued by an obsessed and ruthless antiquities dealer, Louis Damia, who will stop at nothing to steal the gold away from the duo once they find it. Also hot on their trial is the ex-KGB assassin, Garth Moska, who has a score to settle with Jacsen. Though new on the scene as a mystery writer, Glider hits a home run his first time at bat with Golden Conspiracy. Here’s hoping it’ll be just the first in a long string of mysteries featuring the unique and colorful treasure hunters Jacsen Kidd and Pericles Schmoond.

Jacsen has a hunch that the Spanish ship the Solitario, which met a fiery finish in 1503 off of the coast of Florida, didnft go down to Davy Jonesfs locker with its cargo of galleons and gold bullion. It traveled with another ship, the Santa Ynez, and the Solitariofs tale was told in two accounts that Kidd obtains access to. One is a diary written by its navigator, Francisco Callejo, and the other is the captainfs log of the Santa Ynez. He believes that at some point in the one-day period before its destruction and the deaths of most of the conquistadors aboard that the gold was unloaded to a third ship, and that this ship managed to sail around the cape of South America before Magellan, and almost made it all the way to Hawaii. A terrible storm arose, and only one of the conquistadors lived through it, making to a beach on Molokai and leaving a sort of map behind before he was captured and later died.

Jac bases these surmises on the fact that a Spanish-style Christian cross and petroglyphs depicting a bearded man were discovered in Molokai. Though the evidence is scant, Jac and Peri believe that it might be possible that whatever mysterious Spaniard visited Molokai in the early sixteenth century might have left behind his golden breastplate medallion, and that a map might be engraved upon its surface. To prove this somewhat wild hypothesis, they fly to Hawaii and then on to Molokai.

There’s plenty of action and adventure in the novel, as I mentioned. Jacsen reminds me of a cross between Johnny Depp’s take on Jack Sparrow from Disneyfs Pirates of the Carribean movies, and James Bond. Sparrow, because he was a pirate and Jac is descended from a famous pirate, and they both go by Jack, though Kidd spells his version without the “k”. Jac is a womanizer, like Bond, and he has military experience, having been in a special ops unit during the Gulf War, so he knows how to use weapons and fight hand-to-hand, like Bond.

Nicole (“Nikki”) Thomas is assigned by Damia to keep tabs on Jac and Peri and learn more about their plans and the gold. She believes itfll be a task she can readily handle, but she canft help but fall for Jac, and regret her association with Damia. She is afraid that if she tells Jac the truth, though, Damia will find out and have her killed. When Damia and his bodyguards are murdered and she is the one who discovers their dead bodies in a hotel room, Nikki finally lets Jac know the truth – or most of it – but it’s awhile before Jac feels he can trust her.

What’s puzzling to Jac is who was responsible for Damiafs death, and for seemingly protecting him and Peri at other times, like when two thugs try to start a fight with them in a restaurant and get shot by someone who is bald headed and an expert marksman. Jac knew only one person like that, the Russian assassin Garth Moska, but he supposedly died trying to blow up a ship they both were in during a fight with Jac. Jac barely escaped with his life, and there were no reports of any other survivors, but the surveillance they’re under and the expert marksmanship of whomever it is that’s trailing them suggests that the rumors of Moska’s demise have been, like Mark Twain’s, greatly exaggerated.

Golden Conspiracy is a remarkable debut novel that should appeal to anyone who loves action-packed, suspenseful mysteries. Therefs already a sequel in the works, Golden Legacy, and the first chapter of it is included at the end of this novel. Ifm anxiously awaiting its publication, so I can read more about the adventures of Jac and Peri. If the second novel is as good or better than the first one in this new series, Golden Legacy will be very good, indeed. If you like action-filled, edge-of-your-seat mysteries, I strongly urge you to check out Golden Conspiracy today!

Book Club

Tonight, I will be talking to a book club in Paradise, California.  Great name for a town.  But, as I remember last year the area was decimated by forest fires.  I am looking forward to their questions, and will post the highlights on this blog. 

I am leaving tomorrow for Massachussets to help my wife.  She had  to leave last week when we were informed my mother-in-law, 88 years young, had double pneumonia, and the flu.  She is in an induced coma and is fighting for her life.  Life is un-predictable.  This week we were going to be moving her and my father in law to our home in Florida as we sold their house, and wanted them to enjoy the quality of life that can be attained in a warmer climate. 

Thank you all for your kind notes and votes of confidence.

Review from – Golden Conspiracy

Golden Conspiracy by Robert James Glider

goldenReviewed by Laura Goodwin

This novel starts out with some background information from a treasure hunter named Captain Kidd and his crew aboard the Santa Ynez. The crew surmised that the gold that was recovered was linked to evil and they decided to burn the vessel. The gold that was carried had an estimated value of Thirty million dollars, and this was in 1503. A descendant of Captain Kidd, Jacsen Kidd sets out to find the gold and learn what happened along the voyage to Queen Isabella.

The novel picks up speed when gold cross dating back to the 1500’s is found on a beach in Hawaii. Jacsen and his best friend/partner, Pericles Schmoond decides to figure out what happened to the gold. The further along they try to find out more information, the men realize they have uncovered a vast conspiracy. The novel journeys from the Hawaiian Islands, the Caribbean, and to a Brazilian Island, Fernando de Norhona, as the men follow the clues. They are trailed by an ex KGB agent, Garth Moska who tries everything in his powers to make sure Jacsen winds up dead. He tries to blow up the ship off the coast of England and thinks Jacsen is aboard it. They are also trailed by a French Antiquities dealer as well.

I liked this book because it has a lot of action and drama. The author is very descriptive in the settings, especially of Hawaii, and it is apparent that he did his homework on the history of the locations as well. He is so descriptive in the surroundings; it is almost like you are there. I especially like the excerpts from the next book and it has me anxiously awaiting the next book. This novel is more geared towards the historical thriller category, with people of all ages in mind, young or old. It also falls into the general adventure category as well.

A review copy of this book was supplied to the reviewer by the author.

Review – Golden Conspiracy by Ellzreadz posted on Amazon

Golden Conspiracy: A Jacsen Kidd Mystery
By, Robert James Glider

My thoughts…I really enjoyed this book.  If you are a fan of action, treasure hunting, secret messages, and exploring ancient places, this is the book for you. 

The prologue starts in 1503 with a clue that was left in a cave behind a waterfall in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.  Then the story jumps to Thanksgiving Day 2010 and we meet the main characters of the story.  Jacson Kidd, a descendant of the infamous pirate Captain Kidd, is a charming, cunning, adventure seeker who has discovered his share of treasures in life.  Our other hero, Pericles Schmoond is a world class chef.  They unlikely pair have a strong friendship, much like brothers.  An ancient artifact is discovered on a beach in Hawaii and the pair is off to find the missing gold.  But, they are not the only ones. 

This fast paced story kept me turning pages until the very end.  I enjoyed the author’s style of writing.  He provided great details of the settings.  I could imagine myself trekking through the ancient trails on the island of Molokai.  The story is told through several characters point-of-view, but it still flowed nicely (once I figured out the main players were).  There is a bit of romance in the story, just enough to create a softer side to the heroes. 

My favorite part of this story was the treasure hunting.  The author used historical references to Columbus, Balboa, and Queen Isabella.  The treasure seekers travel from Hawaii to South America in search of the riches.  I found myself holding my breath at times wondering if they would survive some of the treatcherous situations they found themselves in.  This was an edge of your seat book! 

After visiting the Robert James Glider’s website, I learned that there are at least two more books planned in the Jacson Kidd Mystery Series.  The next two titles are Golden Legacy and Golden Footprint.  They will be on my wish list!

To see the review go to:

Recent Reviews on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars This book will NOT disappoint!, October 19, 2009
By  MotherLodeBeth “MotherLodeBeth” (Sierras of California) –
(TOP 100 REVIEWER)      

November 1503 Molokai, Hawaiian Islands Felipe de Cordoba groaned, feeling as if someone had poured hot gravel under his eyelids. He tried to blink away the salty crust that stuck to his lashes and blurred his vision. …

And thus begins a fascinating engrossing tale of ship wrecks, gold, that cover the globe from the Hawaiian islands to the gorgeous Caribbean islands to South America. The writing is the type that creates wonderful visualizations as you read. And I always love reading about the islands of the world and their food, people and culture. This book will NOT disappoint you!

5.0 out of 5 stars Move Over Indiana Jones – Here comes Jac Kidd, October 18, 2009
By  Martha A. Cheves (Charlotte, NC) – 

Golden Conspiracy – A Jacsen Kidd Mystery – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘After hearing our account of the gruesome events, the seamen aboard the Santa Ynez were convinced, along with their captain, that the devil’s minions had possessed the Solitario. Their captain decided the Solitario had to be destroyed at once, before the demons could escape to the Santa Ynez. We objected since the hold was filled with gold bound for Queen Isabella. But fear was on the face of every man – fear that this malady would transport them to hell if they dared touch the gold. They were convinced that the gold carried the evil. We could object no more, for fear of our own lives. So the captain ordered the crew to burn the Solitario. They kindled wood and pitch torches and threw them onto the Solitario, where the sails and rigging caught fire immediately. We watched as the Solitario burned quickly. We shall never forget the last screams of the damned. It was as if the demon’s own hand reached upward from the depths and grasped the flaming ship to thrust it into hell.’

The cargo of gold, mentioned above, had an estimated value of thirty million dollars in 1502 with it’s value being well over a billion today. Jac Kidd, who is a distant off-spring of the famous Captain Kidd, was determined to find the gold and learn what really happened during it fatal transport to Queen Isabella. So, when a gold cross dating back to the 1500’s is found on a beach in Hawaii, he and his best friend/partner Pericles Schmoond strike out to solve the puzzle of the missing gold.

In Golden Conspiracy, Glider takes you from Hawaii, the Caribbeans and on into South America as they follow the clues. But they aren’t alone in their quest. As they will soon find out, ex-KGB Garth Moska, who Kidd thought was killed when a ship he and Moska were on blew up off the coast of England, is right behind them.

When I first started reading Golden Conspiracy I had my doubts as to whether I would like it or not. But the more I read, the harder it was for me to put down. The turn of each page increased my desire to read the next. This was truly a very enjoyable book.

Answer to inquiry about settings in Golden Conspiracy

I had an inquiry from a reader in a book club that I recently did a Skype broadcast with.  It was a lot of fun answering questions about the book and how I came up with the characters.  Did I actually visit the settings?  What are Jac and Peri’s favorite foods?  Then some craft questions about how did I create these characters, and breathe life into their soul?  I won’t go into the answers now, but would like to answer the question submitted about setting in the novel on Molokai and in the Halawa Valley.

I actually visiited Molokai, and the Halawa Valley.  I ventured in through the jungle under the escarpment and through a 900 year old village layed out in lava rock with sacrificial altars honed out of stone.  I swam in the pool, first floating a ti leaf to make sure the great mo’o lizard wouldn’t be interested in lunching on man flesh, and braved the swift current from the falls to a sheer wall with handholds that were gouged into the rock.  I climbed to a ledge where warriors 9 centuries ago tested their manhood by jumping into the falls.  I didn’t jump, not that I wasn’t a man, and not because I was unsure of my manhood, but because I knew that under the water were several spires that were unseen, and if hit would kill me.  This is the place of legend, and I had  to get permission to enter this breathtaking setting.   If any of my readers wish to visit Molokai, and want some advise on where to stay, and a tour into the Halawa drop me a note at, and I will be happy to help.

I hope you are all enjoying the adventure.  My next novel, Golden Legacy, will be published early next year, but there is an un-edited excerpt available if you want a peek now.

Oh, and  to the two reviewers last week who posted reviews on Amason and gave Golden Conspiracy 5 stars….THANK YOU!

Amazon Reviews on Golden Conspiracy

I am elated with the outpouring of favorable reviews on both Amazon and other media sites.  Two five star reviews and a four star! 

Your only as good as what you did yesterday for a short time, so I am busy trying to make a deadline for the editor on Golden Legacy.  I have most of the book written, but with life interfering with its daily requirements, I am a little behind.  So, back to nightime when the house is still, and the phone doesn’t ring with annoying marketing calls. 

For those readers who are following my blog, I ask for your patience.  Please also send me any topics you wish to discuss.  I look forward to questions as well.  Several of you have sent me e-mails, and that is all right too.  Got to get back to creating, so until tomorrow or the next day -Adieu.

Thank You!

Who, and why, am I saying thank you?  These simple words have so much meaning.  Receiving them from so many people who bought my book, and thank me for the wonderful escape they are able to experience. It makes me realize I have succeeded as a writer.  So once again, THANK YOU.

The International Food Festival at Disney World

It’s always exciting to go to Disney World.  And, even more so when the Food festival is in full swing.  We ate our way through several countries, experiencing the cuisine of Poland-kielbasa and pierogis, Japan-sushi and tempura, Argentina-steak and steak and steak.  And, then we went on several rides that only Disney could create; Soaring-where you board what is akin to a balloon, and fly over California attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, an aircraft carrier, Yosemite with the falls and El Capitan, the beaches where surfers can almost touch your feet as you fly over, down the American River where you can smell the pine trees, over the rugged coast where you can smell the brine, and through orange groves where you sniff the blossoms.  If you ever go to Disney, don’t miss this experience.  We Soared three times!  Then we were off  to Magic Kingdom, where my nine year old sat on my shoulders in the evening to watch the Electric parade.  We wanted to stay for the fireworks, but wouldn’t you know it, it poured, and we didn’t have rain gear.  Yes, we were drenched by the time we weaved our way out of the park and boarded a bus back to our hotel at Old Key West Resort.  A great time came to an end with the two and a half hour ride home, but since there was no school on Monday, we were able to relax before facing a shortened week.