Flu bug!

Thank God, it wasn’t the dreaded Swine that debilitated me and my family this past week!  All of us feel weak, but are able to resume the duties of life. 

Golden Conspiracy is a success with over 500 copies sold.  I hope all my readers will contribute comments about the story. 


An Eleven year old boy, Gabriel, is fighting for his life in Houston.  He has a brain tumor that if not operated on soon, will take his life.  His parents have meager resources.  So, if everyone of my readers will pass the word to anyone who loves to read and tell them to come to my website and look at the number on the counter in the right hand lower corner, purchase a book by hitting the Amazon button, and send me a comment on the site with their number from my website, or go to: info@robertjamesglider.com, we will donate one dollar from every authenticated sale to help Gabriel and his family.  We will also send your name added to a get well Gabriel card.  Thank you for your support. 

I will add a picture of Gabriel in a future post with a note from him.

Golden Legacy – Excerpt

I was asked in a recent comment to provide a further glimpse into the next Jacsen Kidd mystery/adventure.  Golden Legacy is due to be published in January 2010.   

Standing at the top of the hillside path near the entrance of the cave that had been their home, Anne smiled. She’d tied her long mane of blonde hair back into a colonial tail, and fixed a bandana around the top of her head. She was dressed as a seafaring man with leggings, boots, a scabbard hanging at her side, and a pistol tucked into her waistband.

In the breaking sunlight, she looked out across the endless span of sky to where the wind lived in purple-gray mountains of clouds laden with rain sinking almost to the surface of the Caribbean.   Suddenly, from the haze hanging over the jungle hillside path, she saw the figure of a woman materialize, coming toward her, running.

From far below, the resounding boom of cannon fire suddenly shook the early morning stillness.               

“Anne! Anne. They be here to get us. Hurry, or Calico will have his way.”

 “I be ready, Mary. I see the ship, they ashore now, and I reckon Calico is on his way up,” Anne replied. “Quickly tend yourself. They will have had their fill of rum, spent their shares, and be lookin to take ours.”

 Watching for the figure of Calico Jack to emerge from the foliage, Anne thought back, and thanked God her shipmates did not show up a few days ago, when she and Mary had decided to make sure their salt-away was safely hidden.                                   

Taking turns rowing their small dinghy for several hours in the hot Caribbean sun and climbing in the moonless dark, the two women struggled up the steep mountain on a precipitous path. Reaching a flat area near the top, they dropped the two heavy bags filled with gold and jewels, and waited for strength to return to their exhausted bodies.

“We made it where no man risks, not even Calico!” Mary said as she watched the waves smash against the rocks far below in the dim morning light.

“Sun be comin up.  Burn us lest we get done with this,” Anne said, and grunted as she struggled to push the bags next to an indentation of soft dirt, “This be a good place.”

While Anne hammered and dug at the coral below the dirt surface, Mary removed the larger fragments from the hole. 

One hour later, the sun almost at eye level, Anne stopped.  Feeling dizzy, she shook her head to clear it, raised a leather canteen to her lips, and took a long swig. She wiped her mouth on her arm, and handed the canteen to her partner.

“Any deeper and we be in hell!” Mary laughed before drinking several gulps from the leather container.

“I reckon we be there soon enough,” Anne retorted.

On their knees, both women pushed the bags into the cavity, and set the larger rocks on top before sliding most of the rest of the excavated dirt in on top.  With their hands, the two women brushed the remaining loose dirt across the top until they were satisfied that it looked as if the hole never existed.

“From here we can make out the whole of this place,” said Mary handing Anne a large square piece of soft leather that she untied from within a cloth strip around her waist. “Ye be good at reckoning. Make a rendering of this place.”

Taking a mental note of the shoreline of the islet, Anne slowly turned and scanned the surrounding area. Satisfied the picture was in her mind, she knelt down and laid out the leather strip on a flat piece of ground. She looked around, picked up a sharp edged stone, and pressed it into the soft hide.  Several minutes later, satisfied with the deep indentations, Anne took out her knife and slit the strip in half.  She handed one of the halves to Mary, “Yours shows where we come from, mine shows where we are, and only God, Old Ned, and we know where this be.”

A volley of cannon fire returned Anne from her reverie to the present. Her eyes focused on a bobbing white plumed feather, black trim on a red square hat slowly emerging through the mist. She shuddered, not from terror, not from fear, but from sickness at the sight of Calico Jack Rackham, the pirate captain, she once thought she loved. 

“My Ladies,” Rackham called out, “I come personally to retrieve ye,” A devious smirk covered his face, “and to assist in carrying your spoils.”

Cape Cod Shipwreck may yield treasure

My nine year old, Mikayla, asked that I post this true life pirate story. 

Cape Cod treasure hunter Barry Clifford unearthed a wealth of paraphernalia-clothing-weapons-tools from the Whyday, the only authenticated pirate ship ever recovered.  Clifford claims his most recent discovery was located with some assistance from beyond the grave-from John F. Kennedy Jr.  It seems John worked with Clifford at the site 25 years ago and told Clifford he thought he saw a line of cannons under the sand.  When the team went down to look, Clifford said he couldn’t locate the cannons and they marked off the site as empty.  But two years ago, Clifford and his crew went back to the same spot, dug down deeper and found 30 cannons side by side.  They were right where John said they were.  When one of the divers came up with a compass, Clifford turned it over and found the initials JFK on it. John had lost it the first time he dove there.   The story made the cable news outlets.  In a violent storm, the ship turned bottoms up before it sank.  The cannons were stored on the bottom of the ship for ballast.  According to Clifford, when the ship turned over, the cannons went through the decks and went to the bottom, pinning everything on the decks in between, underneath them.  The Whydah’s famous pirate captain, Edward Bellamy, was not only a daring pirate captain, but a socialist, philosopher and orator as well.  He was known as Samuel “Black” Bellamy. The philosopher buccaneer’s pirates scoured the seas, stopping every ship they could find reportedly stealing choice booty from more than 50 ships.  In the spring of 1717, Black Sam headed for New England to summer, divide the spoils, and repair his boat.  The Whydah arrived in Cape waters as winds from a frigid nor’easter collided with the moist southern wind, and the result was the greatest sstorm on record to hit Cape Cod.  The ship hit a sandbar 200 yards from shore and was buried by tons of water.  Black Sam’s body was never found.  The cannons are believed to cover a treasure that is buried deep in the sediment.


This being my first post, I would like to thank everyone who has purchased my novel Golden Conspiracy.  I look forward to your comments, suggestions,  any other topics you wish to explore, and hope in the weeks to come, to answer any questions you may have.  Please check back soon, contribute and follow the dialogue.  Also watch for additional excerpts before the release of my next novel in the Jacsen Kidd series, Golden Legacy.

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